Saturday, October 16, 2010

now it's october.

hi people.!

  • currently i'm alone at home. boring sangat.
  • study week started yesterday. my first paper will starts on 25th october.
  • lots in mind. lots to update. but i have no idea how n where to start.
  • so right now let it be this way.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


my life is good so far. i have great friends. i have cool siblings and sporting parents. i have supportive relatives. i'm currently studying a great although tough course but still good place to be proud of. i have good physical appearancs -- means not retarded or lack of anything yet. now, i'm hoping for a good future work, family and husband. *aminnn*

bottom line is -- my life is good and i'm happy with what i have right now. *bersyukur*

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dah 2 bulan menyepi

  • busy habiskan cuti di rumah.
  • i forgot to bring my broadband to kelantan bila dah start belajar balik.
  • malas nak online .

cukup lahh 3 :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

swimming :)

hi all. last week kot rasenye we went swimming dekat putrajaya. ohh i loike puchong! it's like the centre of places. nak pergi kl dekat, klang dekat, shah alam dekat, klia dekat, putrajaya dekat. best lahh dekat-dekat je semua. so, we often went there with our neighbour, cik naza and the kids and also mum's sister, cik anis and the family. saja-saja. boring-boring kan. hehe :)

so here's some pictures ..

aneq - my youngest brother.
isn't he adorable? :)

my sis, sarah and of course aneq.
dia memang suka usik aneq. sometimes sampai nangis. lol

syamim - my brother who likes to jump
and do some stunt while jumping into the water. -.-'

see, mama, cik anis and uncle lan pun mandi jugak :)

papa je tak . with his Iphone. hihi

amsyar - my brother jugak. he likes to follow
what his older brother syamim does. and suka buat muka yang funny.
like this one.

ha see. aneq pun dah act macam orang besar.
tak nak mandi kolam budak kecil. lol.

mum and my siblings :)

and lepas mandi-manda, we all akan pergi makan-makan and lepak-lepak :) fun!

p/s: cik naza tak ikut time nih sebab ape tah. lupa. saya tak mandi sebab malas ^_^ v